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    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #186730

    Does anyone have an extra copy of the Lyon & Healy pamphlet they published in the 1970s that was a guide to repertoire for the Troubador Harp? Grace Follet was one of the authors, as I recall. I lost my copy, somehow.

    patricia-jaeger on #186739

    Saul, I have an extra copy, copyright 1966, 9 pages long. Send me by e-mail your street address, since it is not in the 2014 or AHS 2013 Directories. My copy that I still need to keep is 28 pages, by the same authors Follet and Schroeder, titled Outline of six-Year Harp Course, also Copyright 1966, apparently the earlier version from which the Outline of Troubadour Harp Course was taken.

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