Trombone Concerto by John Mackey (wind ensemble)

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    Sylvia Clark on #147005

    Has anyone had the misfortune to encounter this thing?

    sherry-lenox on #147006

    If you google it, you can find some very funny things that have been said about it. It certainly has been performed by some august wind ensembles.
    I always return to the question “Is it really necessary to play these modern pieces at the volume of a departing international jet plane?”

    Sylvia Clark on #147007

    I didn’t turn up anything like that, but thank goodness I wasn’t in a situation where I HAD to try to play it!

    Sylvia Clark on #147008

    Here it is if you want to listen to it.

    vince-pierce on #147009

    Sylvia, I played this piece last year with the Baylor Wind Ensemble and Joe Alessi, principal trombone of NY Philharmonic. The part is tricky, and I actually spoke to John Mackey about sending him an edited version to review and hopefully to update the existing part as well. I altered much of the last third of the piece, as some of it is literally impossible as written. As for the entrances in the first ‘movement’, it just requires careful counting. The second and third sections actually feature the harp quite prominently. Joe Alessi actually told me to play softer at one point…I took that as a great compliment!

    Sylvia Clark on #147010

    Congrats- you must be young to withstand the noise.

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