Trois Pièces Faciles – different editions

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    Rayana on #224349

    Hello everyone!

    I recently decided to take a look at my copies of the Three Easy Pieces from Marcel Grandjany and finally play them. I have been watching some videos and I have noticed that there are at least two versions of it – one for pedal and one for lever harp.

    The one I had is for pedal harp, so I downloaded another version from the Harp Archives and now I have both. Apparently
    there are a lot of small and some big changes, like the key in Barcarolle. I still have to check more thoroughly.

    Does anyone have further information on this? Were these changes made to adapt to the pedal/lever harp by Grandjany or by an editor? What was the original version?

    Alison on #224351

    Then you must have new reedition, for lever harp, my old version simply advises C natural for Baccorolle on lever harp. some volume collections reproduce and edit the layout etc, perhaps allow for notes too low or difficult on lever harp. I will check the publisher of original edition. It,’s about grade 3.

    charles-nix on #224369

    Vanderbilt Music in USA carries both, and describes both on their website. The pieces are in different order, with Nocturne and Reverie being reversed.

    I thought there was a discussion on this forum a few years back about this very subject, but have been unable to find it. What I remember from that discussion is that the Leduc edition is original, There are several significant changes, including several measures quite different between the two. I understood from that previous discussion, and from no editor being mentioned in the Lyra edition, that Grandjany revised the piece for the later publication.

    Both are written for pedal harp. The Lyra has notes made on how to modify for lever.

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