Triplett Eclipse vs. Dusty 36S

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    maya-erickson on #155428


    I have been playing for a few months now, and decided I am ready to invest in a large lever harp. However, I am stuck between the Dusty Strings 36S and the Triplett Eclipse. I had the chance to play them both at Harps Etc. in Walnut Creek, and they were both beautiful looking and sounding. Does anyone have advice on which to invest in? Pros and cons? I would be very grateful!


    daniele-di on #155429

    Hello Maya,

    I never tried the Triplett Exlipse, but I have an FH36S and it`s beautiful! but be aware that the wood makes an huge difference, I really didn`t liked the maple one, sounded so different from the Bubinga one (which is also more expensive)
    Another wood I loved was the KOA, but I only found an FH34 made with that wood

    jessica-wolff on #155430

    I sorta remember Dusty Strings as being brighter in tone and Tripletts in general as more mellow.

    diana-lincoln on #155431

    Make sure you have someone play them both for you to hear. That might help you chose. You can order the Dusty in any wood you want and the wood does make a world of difference. You won’t be sorry with koa or bubinga.

    Good luck!

    Diana L.

    rosey-brumm on #155432

    I have had both and many harps in each range. I think both are very good harps and makers. The Eclipse 38 is a much bigger harp and of course wood matters with weight and sound, mine is in Bubinga and extremely heavy but beautiful voice with a full electro acoustic system. If you want to take it with you I would suggest you look look at the Signature model.
    The Dusty Strings I had the Fh 36 stave in Sapelle wood. For me the top of the sound board was too wide for comfort with my right arm but it had a lovely warm sound and a good all round application. The Fh 34 in Bubinga is a beautiful harp with detachable stand system..
    I prefer Camac levers but the Loveland levers on the Dusty are specially made to Dusty’s specifications.
    I have journeyed thru 12 harps and have 3 more coming. I believe it is important to try if you can. I have never had the chance. So I put together a list of measurements that became my stencil to compare all harps against.
    And learnt a books worth and have had so much fun.
    How much travelling to circles and gigs etc is very important in your choice also. I feel after 4 dusty strings FH 36, FH34 with gut, Fh 26 and Crescendo 34.
    I have a Triplett 34 Celtic II it is also an excellent harp with great projection if it was in a lighter wood it could be easily transported.
    Let me know if I can be more helpful……….fondly Rosey

    maya-erickson on #155433

    Thank you so much for your detailed reply. I definitely need to be able to move it around for gigs, so lighter would probably be more convenient. The dusty I’m looking at is a FH36S in Walnut.

    Jerusha Amado on #155434

    Hi Maya,

    One of the harpists in my ensemble group has a Dusty 36S in walnut.

    rosey-brumm on #155435

    Hi Maya,
    My FH26 was in walnut with curly maple soundboard very pretty. I found the walnut had a huge full voice. So it may be relative to what one has and knows. I think it was nicer than the Sapelle another of the lighter woods I had in the FH36s and Crescendo 34.
    You are doing the right thing going 36. I don’t play under now & once my Legend and Camac Mademoiselle come the Celtic II is being sold only because 36 is my minimum.
    Check it is not too wide to the bass strings to reach and go for it.
    I am sure you will love it and follow your instincts is the most important .
    Let us know how you go

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