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    Loan Miege on #159212

    Hello everybody,

    I would like to take the train with my lap harp (a Nightingale made by Lewis Creek). Should I lose the tension of the strings ? Do you have some advices about travelling with a harp ?

    Thanks a lot for your kind help !

    hannah-roberts on #159213

    I wouldn’t worry about doing that unless you’re checking the harp as baggage and/or travelling quite a great distance. That’s usually done when people have to ship harps, or when the climate is going to change or differ drastically between origin and destination
    I have travelled by train with my Christina, which is around the same size, between Quebec City and Montreal. I didn’t check it and would definitely advise you not check yours unless it is unavoidable. It’s always better that you handle your own harp. Trains are usually good on room. I take mine on subways and buses, too.
    Just be mindful and cautious of yourself and others. Sometimes folks are lost in their thoughts and swinging bags around. The side with the levers is more delicate than the side with the pins, so keep the lever side towards you.
    And, if you like, either have a few pieces ready or some sheet music to play – small harps in particular really delight people, and someone is bound to ask you to play! You may enjoy benefits such as tips, drinks, snacks, memorabilia or a free ride in the vibrating massage chair :-)

    Audrey Nickel on #159214

    I can second the “be ready to play” part.

    hannah-roberts on #159215

    LOL Audrey! I have had two people asked me “Is that a REAL harp?” Gives me mixed feelings, too!

    Audrey Nickel on #159216

    The one that really got me was when I played a tune on both my Harpsicle (Ash Grove) and another on my wire-strung Dreamsinger (Maol Dònaidh) for my aunt.

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