Travelling in a bus, any advice?

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    unknown-user on #162866

    Hi everyone,

    I’m planning a trip in a Greyhound-type bus with my Dusty String FH36B in a soft case (well padded 1.5″ foam but indeed, not a hard shell) and I would like to know if anyone had done it before and can tell me a few trick. Can we usually load it with the bus driver? Do you use extra padding? Is it better in a loaded bus belly (won’t move) or in a more empty one (won’t be crush in any way)?



    Liam M on #162867


    Fortunately you can watch your baggage placed on the bus, so you can see your harp placed. I would explain to the driver, they are usually quite personable and will advise you for the best placement.

    I also would caution you if you are not used to US long distance buses, they are not the same environment as you find in other lands. Do be careful, especially in the stations.

    helen radice on #162868

    Dear Genevieve,

    I’ve just got back from bussing my harp to Italy…if you possibly can, use a hard box.

    unknown-user on #162869

    Thanks to you two!

    I, unfortunately, won’t be able to bring the harp with my in the bus, since I need a dolly to carry it, you can imagine the “small” size.
    I’ll stick to the driver when he loads it and I’ll keep me safe for as much as I can. It’s a straight line from New York to Montreal. The first one is… you know, NYC, but the last one is safe as far as I know.

    I’ll try to bring extra padding and I’m travelling in the un-busiest bus of the week.
    The rest is up to my good fate.



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