Traveling with my harp overseas

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    Miriam Shilling on #108323

    I may have to travel overseas with my harp.

    Jeannine – JP Parker on #108324

    What kind of harp do you play, and where overseas are you going?

    Miriam Shilling on #108325

    Full-sized pedal harp or my Prelude lever, and somewhere in Europe, perhaps Luxembourg.

    catherine-rogers on #108326

    You might be able to borrow a trunk for your pedal harp. Get a wooden one, not one of the old fibreglass ones, so any damage will be immediately apparent. As far as I know, there are no trunks for Preludes, although you could purchase one of Lyon & Healy’s shipping cartons. Such cartons are also sold for pedal harps.

    Frankly, if traveling by air, I would NEVER fly my harp anywhere on any carrier. Set up a rental at your destination if at all possible.

    Miriam Shilling on #108327

    Yes, that’s what I was hoping to do, too (rent).

    barbara-brundage on #108328

    Actually, you can have a harp foamed and crated (this is how the pedal harp companies ship these days) and that’s really preferable to an old fashioned trunk, but I wouldn’t ship the harp unless you plan to be there a long, long time (years). There are several harp stores in Belgium and the Netherlands, both of which are convenient for Luxembourg (nothing is far in Benelux):

    OTJA Harpcenter

    Bennebroekerlaan 35a

    2121 GR Benenbroek




    Jan Bolstraat 23

    2800 Mechelen



    for starters. I’d talk them about rentals.

    barbara-brundage on #108329

    There’s also a largish harp store in Bruges that carries the complete camac line, but I don’t have the contact info at hand.

    Miriam Shilling on #108330

    I also have a very close friend living in Luxembourg who is friends with a harpist there.

    Jessica A on #108331

    If you’re traveling with a musical instrument, and you haven’t seen this, kick back and laugh.

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