traveling with a sharpsicle

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    unknown-user on #164356

    I’ve just gotten a Sharpsicle and need to take it with me on a

    unknown-user on #164357

    You can buy a padded nylon bag for your sharpsicle.

    unknown-user on #164358

    I thought the Sharpsicle fits in the overhead bin?

    Zen Sojourner on #164359

    I think they’re a little too long for carry on, but you’d have to check with the airline to be sure.

    missy lannon on #164360

    i just purchased a harpsicle harp and i would be interested in an answer to this question as well.

    sherry-lenox on #164361

    A little OT but I was standing next to the Rees display at Somerset when some poor person had the bad luck to knock down a whole row of Harp-Sharpsicles that were on stands, looking very pretty all in a row of different colors.

    She helped put them back up and they were all just fine. Pretty tough little instruments. Definitely need good protection to go into a luggage hold though.

    Audrey Nickel on #164362

    They claim it will fit in most overhead bins, but I was at the San Jose airport a couple of weeks ago and took a look at the little boxes they have that help you determine if you can carry something on board, and my Harpsicle is way too long.

    unknown-user on #164363

    I was able to put my sharpsicle in the overhead bin of an airplane.

    Audrey Nickel on #164364

    Kind of looks like it’s hit or miss.

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