Traveling in airplane with lap harp

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    robin.gate on #199130

    Hi All,

    I have read on many websites that sell lap harps that these fit in most overhead compartments of airplanes (unless it’s a commuter flight.) My question is: I’m soon to travel internationally and don’t feel confident enough that the harp will be permitted onto the plane with me as it’s larger than carry-on size. It has a soft case. If I get it into an overhead bin, I feel okay. But what if it doesn’t make it that far?

    What if they want me to put it under the plane with other carry on luggage? That is impossible. Shipping it as checked in luggage if packed in a cardboard box is not permitted (no cardboard boxes). What do I do? I’d so appreciate knowing your experience with this issue. Has anyone ever had the problem of NOT getting their therapy harp into the overhead bin? What are the chances? What to do if it happens?

    Shipping internationally is an option but I fear customs unpacking it and not packing it back up correctly. This would be disastrous.

    Suggestions, please! Thank you!

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