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    HBrock25 on #159282


    I’m new to the site, and new to harping too! I’ve been reading the whole forum and didn’t find any topic on this subject anywhere; well, actually there are some threads related to travel harps but they are centered on US harps. My current location is Barcelona, and therefore shipping-in harps from abroad (i.e. from outside the European Union) is not worth the effort.

    As I’m beginner and do not see myself playing pedal harps in the future I would like to have a good lever harp. Furthermore I do travel a lot and enjoy my time out in the nature so having a portable harp is a must. After checking all the different options I think best for me would be a 22-strings harp.

    I also considered buying a harpsicle, which are sold in stores here in Barcelona, but since I want a lever harp that can stand on its own I would like to have it levered or partially levered, and then flatsicle and fullsicle become quite expensive (€600 and €750, around US$860 and US$1072, respectively).

    So the only option I see is getting my hands on a british harp. And then here comes the problem. That means I won’t be able to try them before I get them, and so I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

    One of those harps I’ve seen are the travel harps, both Survival and Practice, from Selkie: click here
    However I haven’t been able to find opinions on them anywhere.

    Another contender would be “the Early Music Shop Heather Harp”: click here
    Again, I found in this forum in other topics that EMS is indeed a trustworthy site that sell good harps, but they all refer to Camac or Ardival which are quite above my budget limit.

    Do you have any other idea?

    If I had to choose one of Selkie’s harps, I would like to have them partially levered. My last question refers to this. Which strings do you think are most important to be levered? My idea is to use the harp for almost any kind of music, therefore I’m sure all of them are important, but since I have a limited budget getting rid of some of them is a must.

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Audrey Nickel on #159283

    If you can only afford partial levers, I’d start with levers on C’s and F’s.

    Audrey Nickel on #159284

    Just to add, of the harps you’re looking at, I’d steer clear of the “Heather” harp, which is made in Pakistan.

    Abel R on #159285

    Thank you very much for your answers! Indeed, I’m aware I should stay away from Paki harps, I just didn’t realize that one from the EMS was another pakistani rosewood harp, but after looking at the pictures again it’s true it looks the same as the rest :/

    I’m very much drawn towards the Selkie Survival, it looks very light which is what I’m looking for, but I’ve found one last chance which is the following: click here

    It’s fully levered and yet it’s price is quite reasonable (~US$375) and it doesn’t look like one of those pakistani harps around. Have you (or anyone else) heard something about these ones? unfortunately the fact that it’s not branded by a professional harp-maker makes me think the worst, but I’m not sure.

    again, thank you!

    Seoid OC on #159286

    Do you definitely want a 22 string harp?

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