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    unknown-user on #168057

    My six year old daughter has been taking harp lessons for one year on a
    rented Troubador. For her birthday, she wants a smaller harp that she can
    carry around with her. I was leaning toward a Dusty Strings allegro, when I
    read that young children can’t get their hands around the sound board. Are
    there any suggestions for her. How easy is it for a child to play a lap harp
    while sitting on the floor or a low stool?

    unknown-user on #168058

    I would suggest a stoney end harp. While they can be a little on the pricey side, I’ve heard they’re quite reliable. I played on a few of them my self, and they sounded great. You see a variety of stony ends on . enjoy!

    Evangeline Williams on #168059

    Melody’s ( sells the “R” harp, which I highly recommend.

    unknown-user on #168060

    Thanks to everyone for your suggestions! Victoria’s aunts and grandmother
    have contributed $1000 instead of birthday and Christmas presents for the
    purpose of buying her a harp. I have come close, but I haven’t found a harp for
    her yet. My favorite choice for her is a maple FH26 from Dusty Strings for a
    travel harp or a Salvi Livia for a full size harp. Any leads or suggestions would
    be appreciated! Albany NY.

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