Transporting harpo trolly by airplane

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    I have a kind of stupid question about transporting Harpo by airplane.

    My husband is coming to me next week, and bringing the Harpo. His suitcase is big and there is enough place. What do you think should he deflate the tires as with the bycycles? I know this is kind of a myth the tires can be exploded, but I don’t want any problem because  this is a low cost airline, and they have many stupid rules, and it is not too cheap thing. I hope someone has experience. Thank you.

    Alison on #205592

    It’s not really a stupid question & I think you have already worked out the answer ! Yes, if the dolly has inflatable tires, then lower air pressure will indeed rupture them so be sure you deflate them as you would a bicycle tire.  Don’t forget !!

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