Transport cover for a Venus Encore?

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    dewdrop on #216036

    I’m moving from Virginia to Washington state soon, and I’m looking to get a transport cover for my Venus Encore. I’m really unhappy with the Venus website and associates because they don’t have their own cover. My teacher recommended the Lyon and Healy cover to me but I want to make sure that mine will fit.
    Dimensions are 72-1/4″ high 22-1/2″ wide soundboard

    I like the look of the Camac set the most, but I was hoping that anyone here with a Venus Encore could tell me what they use. Thanks!

    Deette Bunn on #216037

    My student has a beautiful Venus and she had a really nice padded cover made by Four Seasons Harp Covers for a reasonable price. If you are gigging in Washington state, you want a base cover as well – because it’s rainy and wet a lot!

    catherine-rogers on #216042

    My experience with the Camac cover set is that, although well-made and a good design, it fits very tightly and was a bit difficult to put on and fasten for that reason. I prefer the Lyon & Healy cover sets. They’re well-made and long-lasting. If you order one that doesn’t fit, they will exchange it.

    emma-graham on #216050

    Camac Harps are a very different shape to Venus harps (or most other makes for that matter). They have a less steep neck curve and therefore a lower shoulder height. I’m not sure a Camac cover would fit a different make of harp. I always used my Salvi covers on my Camac Big Blue but they were a bit baggy at the shoulder. Not a problem that way round but possibly a problem in reverse. Camac covers are very expensive so I would definately want to test them before buying. Here in the UK that are only available as a full set – not individually – so you have to buy all three parts.

    venusharps on #216552

    there are concert covers available in inventory, under harp accessories.

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