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    cranston-snord on #254657

    My daughter has a Triplett Celtic 34 in her dorm and she bumped it and it went over – catastrophic fail. This harp is a circa 1990 that my mom played until arthritis ended her harp journey. Rachel (daughter) has loved and played it since she was in 6th grade and is completely devastated as my mom passed this summer.

    Is there anyone who can repair this beloved instrument in the Greenwich Village area of NYC?

    cranston-snord on #254658


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    charles-nix on #254660

    You are right to seek a harp builder. Looking at the photo has limits, but the break in the column looks clean. The neck looks clean also. If the pieces will really fit well back together with no missing chips, and on a lower tension harp like Triplett, I think it would be worth a try to repair with epoxy.

    Some don’ts for you: don’t fool with the pieces fitting them back together–if you knock little splinters loose it will affect the fit. And don’t try it yourself unless you have experience with wood and the right tools.

    Worst case, if it won’t hold, you need a new neck and/or column. If a tech is talking about using screws or nails in the neck to help hold, find someone else. If it is a good fit, epoxy (or other two-part glue) is stronger than the wood. Specialized clamps will be needed to hold it together.

    Carl Swanson is in Boston. He might take it on–and may see your note. There are some other techs on this list, or Carl may know of someone in your area.

    Biagio on #254662

    I agree with Charles as far as the column is concerned, but at the neck split epoxy alone would not be sufficient; a tech would also use hardwood dowels. I have repaired a few broken necks and one must construct a rather specialized clamp in almost all cases.

    I would suggest contacting Steve and Debbie Triplett if Carl or someone else in the area does not want to take it on. Rick Kemper (Sligo Harps in the Baltimore-Washington area) is another possibility.

    I don’t know what the cost for repair would be but frankly it might be better to just replace the neck-pillar assembly. If Triplett would do it they will want you to ship the components to their shop.


    carl-swanson on #254683

    I would suggest you have Liza Jensen look at it. She may be able to repair it herself. At the very least, she can make a diagnosis as to what the damage is and what it needs to be repaired. She’s in Brooklyn.

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