Toyota Highlander??!

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    lydia-covey on #148321

    Hello Again,
    I continue my harp mobile research and am ready to purchase a harp SUV this Spring.
    I have found a good deal on a few Toyota Highlanders (2001 – 2003 models). I really like this vehicle. But have been unable to test putting my harp in one yet. So I thought I would first see if any one here on Harp Column transports their pedal harp in one? Any reviews on this vehicle for transporting a harp?
    I will be transporting a L&H semi 85 and I load my harp flat.
    Any answers would be appreciated asap!!

    Lydia Covey

    harpglo-jean on #148322

    Hi, I drive an ’09 Toyota Highlander and load my big Dusty Strings 36S into it with ease, and lots of extra room leftover for my bench, and gig bag, so I’m certain that you will be able to load your L&H semi 85 in there also…it’s a great vehicle, good luck!

    Brandee Younger on #148323

    I drive a highlander, load my harp flat and it’s a perfect fit.

    Brandee Younger on #148324

    Oh — and yes, I am transporting a semi grand & concert grand in it, along with a fancy schmancy stand, too big dolly, bench and I keep my amp on the floor in front of the back seat.

    lydia-covey on #148325

    Thank you both for your reply. That greatly helps me!
    Now I am currently searching and waiting for a good deal on either the Highlander or Mitsubishi Endeavor. Both seem to be great harp vehicles and the early 2000 models are within my price ranges.
    Thanks again! I’ll have to update you all when I finally get a vehicle.


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