toung harpists, male or female?

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    alexander-rider on #168034

    my name is alex rider , i’m 15 and i live in the uk. i am mad about
    harps and have been playing for just over a year, i’d love to make
    friands with any harpist, male or female as i’m driving my friends
    mad talking about harps!

    Nadia Tjahja on #168035

    Hi Alex!
    I’m going 2 be 14 and I’d love 2 be a harppenpall with you! my new adres is
    wanna talk? yust mail me

    Guy Betts on #168036

    yeh, i`m Guy, i`m 15 my msn hotmail type-object is

    unknown-user on #168037

    haha already an older thread oh well lol my email address is and if anybody as AIM or MSN I’m either coffeehigh24
    (usually that sn) or

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