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    unknown-user on #162371

    I have an interesting problem. For the past couple of days I have been practicing practically all day long for an unexpected performance. I noticed today that the 3rd finger of my right hand has developed a bit of a callous. I have never had callouses on the fingers of my right hand before, and I think it’s interfering with my tone. In soft passages, that finger seems to produce a thin, somewhat rough tone. Does any one have any ideas for me?

    Sid Humphreys on #162372

    Hannah, when this happens to me i take a pumice stone to it while in the shower. even a nail file works great, just don’t take the callous all the way down or you’ll be too tender to play! Remember that callouses are important for a harpist as long as they are smooth. Apply a non greasy lotion to help keep them from getting rough.

    Hope this helps you,


    unknown-user on #162373

    Thanks for the help, Sid!


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