To play or not to play, that is the question

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    kay-lister on #150264

    I got a call 2 weeks ago to play a wedding on May 22nd.

    Sid Humphreys on #150265

    Wow Kay, this is why I hate dealing with a third party! I would try making one more phone call before calling the whole thing off. Problem is, who do you call? It should be the father since he is supposed to be sending the check. But then why wasn’t the contract sent to him instead? I say listen to your gut feeling, no pay-no play. In the future I would make it clear that whomever is sent the contract will

    tony-morosco on #150266

    I think you have been more than understanding by even considering doing this at such a last minute notice. You have made it clear what you need in order to proceed. It is up to them to do their part. If they can’t even get you the contract back correctly then it doesn’t bode well for getting paid or any stipulations made to be observed and honored.

    Stick to your guns. No pay in advance and no contract then no playing.

    I understand wanting to help a desperate bride, but always remember, business is business. Always be a professional business person first, and professional business people get paid. In this case up front. You have already been understanding. Now it is their turn to be responsible.

    Karen Johns on #150267

    Wouldn’t touch this with a ten-foot pole. Honestly. It’s certainly admirable to have a sympathetic heart, and I commend you for it, but I have a feeling you are just getting jerked around here. Unless this is some sort of a last-minute wedding in and of itself, then there is really no excuse for this kind of slip-shod planning. It’s just not worth the stress on you, IMO.


    kay-lister on #150268

    No check in the mail when I got home yesterday, so I called the neighbor who was my contact.

    unknown-user on #150269

    Yes, I have been involved in some dicey last minute deals over the years also – and I really understand that you don’t want to leave a bride high and dry if it’s due to someone else who has dropped the ball – I would call the venue where the wedding is going to take place and ask if they have been paid and if they know that other vendors have been paid – or not paid as the case may be – that will give you a clue whether it’s just your part or whether the whole thing is totally disorganized – if they have been paid, you could ask who they dealt with and go to that person and explain the situation –
    good luck

    marguerite-lynn-williams on #150270


    As a sympathetic person I’ve been in the same situation as you are before.

    tonya-a on #150271

    They stopped payment on the check?

    jennifer-buehler on #150272

    I always cash the check right away but let my customers know that it goes into an account that I rarely touch and will not touch the money until after the performance.

    kay-lister on #150273

    Well, I got to work at 8:00 and didn’t go out for lunch AND even stayed a half hour later so I wouldn’t get “I came at 4:30 and you weren’t there”.

    jessica-wolff on #150274

    Let’s hope that they don’t now proceed to badmouth you for “backing out.” Not justified, but people like this are perfectly capable of it.

    Asha the Nagini on #150275

    What nonsense!

    kay-lister on #150276


    I’m not worried about them bad mouthing me.

    barbara-brundage on #150277

    Well, yeah, they probably will, but what of it? They can only badmouth you to three groups of people;

    1. Other musicians, most likely other harpists, and we’ve all heard the “they backed out on me!” story often enough to know what that’s worth.

    2. The other wedding vendors, who by now know all about them and what their stories are worth. After all, they’ve been dealing with them, too.

    3. Their friends, who are probably just like them, so they’re doing you a favor by steering them away. 🙂

    Maria Myers on #150278

    Excellent points!

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