To detune a locked up harp or keep it tuned up for 1 year

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    Gerrard Els on #254210

    Hi everyone,

    I need advice on leaving my two harps (Lyon and Healy 85 and a Salvi lever harp) locked up in a room for 1 year long depending on how quickly Covid blows over. The harps are both tuned up and won’t be played for this duration.

    Should I de-tune the harps by a few semitones and keep its cover on or what is best advice? I heard its damaging to de-tune them completely, and also on the other side, if a string breaks on full tension when no-one can replace it?

    Thanks in advance


    Biagio on #254278

    Taking the tension down a step or two might be a good idea but whether or not, the gut strings may deteriorate.

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