Titan, Ana or Una

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    guzzie1 on #208950

    I’ve been meaning to buy my own lever harp and I can’t decide which is best between Titan, Ana and Una.
    At the studio I’ve been practicing on Titan which I like the sound of it. For a lever harp I prefer the Salvi brand.
    Any recommendations for which to choose between Titan, Ana or Una?

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    jane on #209137

    It’s so hard to decide! I started with a Salvi Aida, but as soon as I heard a L&H Ogden I wanted one…except they’re short and I’m tall, so they were uncomfortable for me to play (even with the legs, which I don’t like anyway.) After much shopping around and research, I got a L&H Lyric: tall, with great sound. But I still have Ogden-envy. 🙂

    Bottom line: you have to play them and see what feels right. And whatever you get can be sold if you decide later that it’s not working for you.

    Happy harp hunting!

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