Tips for playing Blues on the lever harp

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    alan-cross on #183511

    I have been looking around online for ways to play the blues on the lever harp but everything I find is for harmonica. I have found some information about ‘tuning’ the lever harp to the blues tuning or by manually flipping levers while playing with only one hand.

    Can anyone explain to me what ‘blues strings’ are? I really would love to play blues on my lever harp since I can’t afford a pedal harp. Any information and help would be awesome!


    kay-lister on #183522

    Contact Deborah Henson-Conant at She’s the blues harp expert.


    Angela Biggs on #183527

    Alan, I’d recommend taking Deborah Henson-Conant’s “Blues: Harp Style” course. I signed up for the first session in Summer 2013 and it was amazing. It’s also intense: there’s actually a huge amount of information that goes into playing blues on the harp. Be prepared to spend a lot of time practicing. Think in terms of an online college course. 🙂


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