Three slotted harp … perhaps five slotted harp?

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    jp-brabant on #187074

    I’m curious about harp innovations. Has anyone considered, or know someone who has considered the possibility of a five pedal-position slot? Accommodating for double flats and double sharps introduces enormous (“) possibilities. I immediately wonder how the discs would manage the bass string tension pinched four times over or more. I imagine the mechanics would be under awfully high tension…
    “And then I proposed to the inventor that the harp ought to be stood at or near standing at with performer at edge of stool (in the style of upright bass). Only one foot is used to active pedals.” The gentleman demonstrating the mechanism stated, “Mind you, the flexibility of pedal changes would be decreased with only using one foot, and composers would have to take this into consideration…”

    Thanks for the thoughts and sharing.

    Janis Cortese on #187093

    Even if they could manage it, I’m not sure it would work out well. There are currently already about 1.4 bezillion moving parts to a harp, and adding yet more discs would at least double that. I can’t imagine what the neck of the harp would look like nor how thick it would have to be — nor how heavy the end result would be!

    jp-brabant on #187099

    Yes, the complexity is a bit bewildering for quadruple action harp.

    kreig-kitts on #187106

    Continuously variable harp action? 🙂

    Tacye on #187109

    I have a niggling memory of Berlioz advocating triple action to Erard. I can’t remember the reference – Harps and Harpists perhaps.

    Janis Cortese on #187110

    People are always trying to find some electronic doohickey that will replace the pedal mechanism for pedal harps. To date, they’re all been unsuccessful; unfortunately, the current mechanism does seem to be the best way to do it. But who knows? Maybe someday a more compact electric/electronic means will be created, and that sort of thing will be doable. (I’ve been a bit curious about the electrical “pinch” devices that are used to switch IVs on and off automatically, myself.)

    Angela Biggs on #187111

    As far as the added weight of the additional mechanism – what about starting with a carbon fiber frame? It may also handle the additional tension better.

    Janis Cortese on #187120

    The thing that would worry me about a CF harp like that would be that it would be horribly top-heavy. I don’t think the action is CF; that’s still metal. That would mean that the harp body would be very light with an even greater amount of metal at the top than is there now. That might make it awfully top-heavy.

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