Threaded vs Tapered Tuning Pins Christina Therapy Harp?

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    boundetermined on #215228

    Hello fellow Harpers!

    Ok, Here’s the issue.. I am considering therapy harps. I had it down to a Christina Therapy or a Lewis Nightingale – leaning towards the Christina, because of the string spacing…

    Then it hit me…. the tuning pin dilemma…

    I have a Dusty Strings Ravenna 34, and one of the things I love about it (among many), is that it has threaded tuning pins. This is a huge boon, in my estimation.

    Does anyone out there know if it’s possible to get threaded tuning pins on either The Christina or Nightingale? I’d really like to avoid tapered if possible. Or is there anything out there comparable (quality/tone-wise), with threaded pins?

    Biagio on #215238

    You might ask Triplett or Lewis Creek if they would do that for you. Another possible harp to consider: the Harps of Lorien Raphael. Since the Raphael is only made to order they might be more amenable. That is the therapy harp favored by Laurie Riley BTW.

    Speaking of which, Laurie and some others prefer zither pegs for therapy harps to keep thee weight down.

    Personally the type of tuning peg does not make much difference to me except a preference for only having to carry around one wrench size. Some #4 tapered pegs have the same head size as the Dusty threaded ones. Actually I prefer tapered, but up to you.

    Just ask the makers on questions like this: most will be accommodating though they might charge a bit more than for their standard design.


    charles-nix on #215239

    Hope I’m not stating the obvious, but why not just send an email to Triplett and/or Lewis Creek and ask the builders?

    I far prefer tapered, personally, for ease in adjusting pin tension independently of pin depth, and not having to screw out exactly the right number of turns before installing a new string to leave the string angle correct.

    But, to each his own. If you prefer threaded, maybe they can oblige.


    boundetermined on #215273

    So, slipping isn’t a big issue?

    boundetermined on #215274

    Ha – yes, that’s obvious. I thought I would put the question out there and see what opinions I received, before taking it to the next level.

    I play a few bowed string instruments, so I may just have post traumatic stress disorder from slipping pegs : ) Perhaps it’s different with metal in wood, but that wood in wood, and humdity changes can be a pain. I guess I’m magnifying it to dozens of strings on a harp.

    I don’t mind being proven “worrying about nothing”. In fact, I’m hoping that’s the general consensus, which would negate a question to either company.

    It’s a whole new world to me, forgive my lack of knowledge, please.

    balfour-knight on #215275

    I prefer tapered pins, despite the fact that my Dusty FH36S has threaded pins. Like Charles said, having to back out the threaded pins to change a string is a pain! If a tapered pin ever works loose, all that is necessary is to apply pressure to the tuning key, turning back and forth a bit to force the pin a bit further into the wooden neck of the harp.

    boundetermined on #215276

    Thank you. I’m sure if tapered was an issue, you of all people would be the first to say so. Appreciate your input.

    wil-weten on #215357

    Tapered pins work great for me. No slipping.

    I would be more shy if a harp has zither pins, although they have their advantages too.

    Biagio on #215364

    Wil, I agree in general. As you say they have their uses: most often for a fairly lightly tensioned harp of 3 1/2 octaves or so. I’d be particularly inclined to use them on on a small double where through pegs would make it pretty top heavy. It is also easier to space them on a double.

    Disadvantages: you have to special-order (or drill) string holes for gauges over 0.040″; and they may eventually distort the peg hole and slip if the wood is softer than cherry. Like the Dusty threaded pegs, too, you have to back them out a few turns when changing a string.


    Alison on #215404

    What do they look like ?

    Biagio on #215408

    Do you mean ‘what do zither pegs look like’ Alison? Here’s a page from Musicmakers – browse down to see tapered, and threaded-a-la Dusty:


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