Thoughtful posts get deleted again and again

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    wil-weten on #218952

    Dear staff of harpcolumn,

    Recently, it has occurred several times that people who are regularly active on this forum see their posts deleted again and again. These posts are definitely helpful, on topic, and respectful to everybody.

    Sometimes, when I’d like to react to a post of which I got a copy in my mailbox, the post has dissappeared without the original poster having deleted it himself or herself.

    But yesterday and the day before yesterday, some posts did not even seem to make it to the mail of people who subscribed to the thread.

    The day before yesterday, one of my elaborate posts spontaneously vanished.

    In the recent thread ‘Camac Bardic 27 as first harp’ the vanishing of public posts has happened to a least three people.

    Were the posts deleted by some spam algorithm due to too many posts in a relatively short time? Or because of something else? Like a technical problem with the website?

    Would you, please, put back the deleted posts? And adapt the spam algorithms or find a solution to the technical problems, so that in future, this problem would be kept to a minimum?

    Thanks in advance.

    wil-weten on #219013

    Are there any staff members actually reading this forum?

    Anyway, after one new post of mine dissappeared, I think perhaps members of this forum get logged out without notice. I could write a post and publish it, but perhaps it only looked that way, because I didn’t get a notice I should log in first.

    tanyanoel on #219014

    I am thinking you may need to contact someone directly. When I posted in this forum, I received answers only from other members.

    It does look like they do answer, but just not always very quickly 🙂

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    balfour-knight on #219044

    Hang in there, Wil! I have not received any “Notifications” that someone has responded to a topic that I have been involved with, in several weeks. I have just been lucky sometimes to find them myself. Usually Kim Rowe responds when she sees something like this, so maybe she just has not seen it yet. Hope they get it resolved. Also hope that “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” is back working again soon.

    Best to all of you,

    wil-weten on #219047

    Hi Balfour, regarding the ‘notifications’, several weeks ago I discovered that some mails from Harpcolumn found their way to my google-spambox. Whitelisting their mail address solved that problem for me.

    balfour-knight on #219050

    Wil, thank you so much! I just found your last one (above) in my spam! I had no idea they were going there! I will try to fix it so I get the next notification, ha, ha!

    Harp Column Staff on #220527

    Hi all:

    Yes, we’re here, and we do try to keep an eye on things, but we also depend on users like all of you to let us know when there’s a problem on the forums. Thanks to Wil for reaching out to us via email about some recent forum issues including some unfortunate spam posts. The best way to get in touch with us quickly is by direct email to

    As I mentioned to Wil, our spam filters sometimes flag what they shouldn’t, and don’t flag what they should. Usually that’s what happens when you see deletions. If there is anything you’d like us to take a better look at, please provide links to those specific threads and we’ll try to see what’s happening.

    Thanks to all of you for your interest in the Harp Column forums!

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