This made me smile. :)

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    Andelin on #187193

    I ran across this youtube video this morning and wanted to share. 🙂

    I love how its legs are crossed. :). Obviously not done by someone who actually plays, but it’s cute.

    balfour-knight on #187211

    Thanks, Andelin! That made our day–so cute!
    Balfour and Carol Lynn

    allegra on #187221

    that’s cute – would be interesting to see it done like someone properly playing, and actually seeing how the bones sit and move as one plays!

    Does anyone know what piece it is?

    melissa-gallant on #187233

    The piece is The Music-box by Poenitz. It is inAlbum of Solo Pieces for the Harp, vol. 1, compiled and edited by Annie Louise David.

    allegra on #187238


    eliza-bourgault on #188948

    When I feel very lazy I sometimes cross my legs … until I have to change a pedal 😛 This video is so random!

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