Things not to say to a non playing spouse

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    rod-anderson on #111277

    Any suggestions for things best not said to a spouse or partner who is slightly less focused on the harp above all else?

    Bonnie Shaljean on #111278

    You know that expensive new kitchen suite you wanted…

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #111279

    Honey, are you SURE you need new tires???

    anita-burroughs-price on #111280

    Yes, this style 11 costs as much as a Lexus, but it will last much longer.

    unknown-user on #111281

    Look! L & H

    Bonnie Shaljean on #111282

    …but there’s PLENTY of space in the living room…

    rod-c on #111283

    What do you mean you’re tired of hearing this piece? I’ve only been working on it for three months.

    Rod C.

    unknown-user on #111284

    Did you say you THOUGHT the harp would fit in the back of the new car?

    andy-b on #111285

    Whoever heard of Disneyworld for a family vacation? Why don’t we

    catherine-rogers on #111286

    Let’s spend our vacation at the harp conference this year! (or World Harp Congress)

    c-k on #111287

    “I sure could use a second gig harp!”

    “There’s this great harp I saw on the harp column classifieds! It’s only $10,000!”


    unknown-user on #111288

    I found a new harp builders website today…they have such lovely harps…

    This harp sounds completely different than the others, it will be great for …style of music.

    OH NO! The wood trim in the

    M Rodgers on #111289

    How about what not to say to the playing spouse?

    unknown-user on #111290

    What??? That man has seriously lost his taste and

    rod-anderson on #111291

    C’mon, Curly – he showed he had lost his taste and sense of class when he split up from Meg

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