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    taylor-comer on #187436

    I’m trying to decide on what harp to get… I’m making a goal to soon go into hospitals, nursing homes and hospice. I already have a lever harp that weighs about 16 lbs, but I’m looking into getting another smaller harp that I can easily carry around hospitals and play while walking.

    I’m interested in the tripplet Christina therapy harp and the Fullsicle harp. Do any of you have experience with either of these harps? I definitely want it to have a warm, full sound so that it will be comforting to the patients.

    Biagio on #187492

    I would not describe the ‘sciles as having a full round sound, although they would certain fit the bill on the other requirements. The Christina comes highly recommended for that work.

    For little more cost and a lot more tone I’d strongly suggest looking into the Harps of Lorien Raphael:

    This is the favorite harp of Laurie Riley; Laurie as you may know has been a moving force in music therapy.


    sherry-lenox on #187512

    You might want to take a look at the Lewis Creek Nightingale. I have one in Cherry that has a really lovely tone and isn’t too heavy.
    There’s also a smaller model called (I think) the Jessie, and I’ve heard lots of nice things about them too.

    Allison Stevick on #187516

    I’ve heard really good things about all the harps that Biagio and Sherry mentioned. Another place you might want to check is Blevins harps. They have several lap harp models, and I think their Eden has a warm, full sound. Happy harp-hunting!

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