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    mr-s on #149303

    Hi i am looking for ideas for a theme of a dissertation, i think i am going to write it and it will be in Russia, i really would it to be about harp but in Russia the only harpist who has a PhD is Natalia Shameeva, and as i cant get a connection with her, so i may will go for another theme in another feild, Maybe Methodic or pedagogic , but if i can get some ideas from you and if i can get also enough source and materials for it so it would be great.

    Thank you.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149304

    I would like you to investigate all the manuscripts of Prokofiev to see just how many pieces he wrote for harp. Don Henry once hinted to me that there was another one yet unpublished, so he must have seen it somewhere.

    You could write a thesis about the Concerto for Harp by Boris Tishchenko.

    You could write a thesis about the Russian elements in the Concerto for Harp by Nicolai Berezowsky.

    You could search for other historic harp music in the libraries. You could write about the symbolic role of the harp in Tchaikovsky’s ballets, operas and symphonic music.

    You could write about the influence of the Party on the lives of harpists in the early 20th century, how they were affected by the Revolution, or the lives they lived under

    mr-s on #149305

    thank yoy Saul for your answer but the dissertation should be creative and should to say something new inside of it and Natalia Pakrovskaya wrorte in her book about the history of harp and harpists of Russian in different periods so i cant touch this part, and if i will know how many pieces Prokofiev wrote so what is tge creation in that? about Boris Tichenko concerto its a good idea thank you.i will discuss that with my teacher Irina Tichenko as she is the wife of Tichenko and the concerto was wrote especially for her.

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