Theme from "Schindler's List" arr. Calvin Custer–performance friendly notation

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    David Ice on #207621

    After encountering the “Theme from ‘Schindler’s List” about 4 times, I finally re-typeset it in Sibelius to eliminate the “eyeball tricks” you needed to do to read the original. Things like notes in the bass cleff being immediately repeated–but this time in the treble cleff, things like that. I only dropped ONE note and changed one other bass note up an octave to facilitate performance. Other than that it’s totally the original, but virtually sight-readable with no “tricks” needed.

    I’ll try and post it here. If anybody wants a copy, just contact me. I’m not selling this or trying to infringe on any copyrights, etc…..just making a performance-friendly edition available. It’s such a superb piece of music, and the harp/violin “duet” is so important that it’s imperative to be as solid and secure as possible.

    This will work for the orchestral version and the symphonic band version (arranged by Calvin Custer, which seems to be virtually identical to the John Williams original.) One weird thing is that the orchestra version seems to drop one bar in the introduction, which I’ve indicated.

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    Gretchen Cover on #207627

    David, you are always so generous. Thank you for sharing your arrangement.

    billooms on #207632

    Is there somewhere that I can buy just the violin part (for a duet) without having to buy the entire band score?

    patty-ritter on #207635

    Thank you, David.

    David Ice on #207637

    It looked like our violinist was using a piano book…there very well might be a piano reduction book with a “treble instrument” part in it. I just know it had a blue-ish cover.

    billooms on #207654

    Thanks, David. I found a piano/violin duet that I could get online.

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