The unprepared harist dream

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    Donna Germano on #148713

    Or as some would call it, the “naked” dream. You know how everyone has those dreams about being unprepared for something?

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #148714

    That is really weird, I didn’t have that dream. I lived it.

    Just kidding. I have had it many times. Since I moved to Philadelphia, it usually involves subbing with the Philadelphia Orchestra in some odd old building in the campus district, unknowing what will be played, and being given a square harp to play, or one with strings along the top that go sideways, and no pedals. I have also subbed with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra at old Carnegie Hall in a bathrobe, or at Radio City Music Hall.

    rosalind-beck on #148715

    Donna, I believe these are known as “frustration” dreams in “shrink” world, and they are shared by almost everyone in some form.

    Donna Germano on #148716

    Now that’s what I’m talking about!

    kay-lister on #148717

    WOW Donna . . . I would definately lay off those bologna sandwiches before bedtime.

    kreig-kitts on #148718

    I had those locker dreams for a while, then the dreams where I’m back in college, have a final coming up, and realize I forgot to attend that class all semester. You know, back in high school I had this dream where our high school was doing a production of “Phanton of the Opera,” and while the curtain was coming up, we were running around confused as

    janelle-lake on #148719


    jessica-wolff on #148720

    That’s surely one of the funniest!

    shelby-m on #148721

    Hey, don’t diss the flute! (just kidding) When I’m in band rehearsals and I can’t play some parts of the music because I need to play them faster than I can actually read the notes, I just hold my breath and sort of waggle my fingers – so no sounds come out but it looks like I’m playing.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #148722

    The trouble with that is if the players around you know you are faking.

    eliza-morrison on #148723

    I have a recurring dream that I am about to play a concerto with an orchestra, and realize belatedly that I have never even looked at the music. I always have this panicky feeling of “why on earth didn’t I PRACTICE?” Truly a horrible dream!

    Sid Humphreys on #148724

    Two nights ago, I had the dream that gut strings kept breaking. I’d no sooner get one replace before noticing that the tention starts to weaken on the adjacent strings. There’s nothing but panic as my entrance is about to begin and the harp is missing strings and several are loosing pitch!


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