The Swan for lever harp?

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    rc on #239143

    I found the Brundage arrangement of Saint Saens’ The Swan for lever harp but it is in the key of F, rather than the original key of G. Can the original be played on lever harp to accompany cello? If not, anyone have suggestions for how to modify it without transposing to make it feasible for lever harp, while remaining in the key of G to be compatible with the original cello score? Thanks!

    balfour-knight on #239160

    Please check with Angi Bemiss, Simply the Harp in Atlanta, GA, USA. She and I have done some simple arrangements of THE SWAN for lever harp, and she can place them in any key you desire. My latest arrangement is entitled “Essence of The Swan,” and is available from Angi. It does not require any lever changes! She and Rhett Barnwell enjoy playing it on harp and cello together. Hope this helps!

    Harp Hugs,

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #239162

    There is a point at which one should invest in a pedal harp, and playing pedal repertoire is that point, in my view.

    rc on #239238

    @Balfour Thanks so much for letting me know about this! I am not yet at a level to play it, but will be sure to contact Angi when I’m ready.
    @Saul I wish I could afford a pedal harp…maybe one day though, who knows?

    rc on #240670

    I just came across a (new?) arrangement of The Swan for lever harp:

    This is already in the key of G, so I guess it could be played as written to accompany the original cello part? From the preview (had to refresh the page to see it), it looks more difficult than “Essence of the Swan” though. With this (new?) arrangement, it seems like both right and left hand are equally playing the harmony, whereas if one plays “Essence of the Swan” with a cello, the cello would actually play the melody (top line) and the harp the harmony (bottom line) with the left hand, and instead of playing the top line with the right hand, the harp would play the indicated chords with the right hand in “Essence of the Swan”? I’m still not at a skill level to play these on my own just yet (but will be very soon) and couldn’t find any lever harp videos of The Swan either, hence my asking. Thanks!!!

    balfour-knight on #240752

    Yes, let the cello take the melody, as in the Saint-Saens original. In “Essence of the Swan,” the harpist can use both hands to do the chords, rolled or arpeggiated to suit the performer. You can be creative! This is an “easy” arrangement to promote “the joy of music,” and to put this difficult piece into the hands of harp players in the “easy to intermediate” category. Think of all the “easy piano” arrangements there are out there for students and hobbyists–Angi and I try to do the same thing for harpists!

    Best of luck,

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