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    The Merry-Go-Harp

    It was a large gilded harp that sat in the center of a merry-go-round, playing the oom-pah-pah waltzes as the whole thing turned around it. An elderly woman with blonded hair and an old stole sat and played, oblivious to all as they whirled about her. When I came back to see it again, it was all gone, left for another town.

    The Hohner Harp-Harp

    This wood and chrome harp was made so you could blow through the sound-holes while playing and play the harp both as a harp and a harmonica at the same time.


    I never saw this one, but I heard about it, a harp on wheels for the wheelchair-bound harpist. It had straps to attach it to the chair, so it wouldn’t roll away. The wheels were attached next to the rear feet.


    Hmmmmm, noticed the time of your post Saul . . . can only wonder if you had a FEW glasses of wine prior.


    Saul, if you can have guitar-string pasta (alla chitarra), then why not harp-string pasta? I have a guitar-string cheese-cutting device.


    Sounds tasty.

    I don’t drink, I don’t need to. Mostly.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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