The Pilgrim’s Progress, an opera by Ralph Vaughan Williams

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    Sylvia Clark on #150101

    This won’t be coming up for a year or two, but the British things

    Sylvia Clark on #150102

    Sylvia Clark on #150103

    CFPeters is letting me buy it (expensive).

    barbara-brundage on #150104

    There are several recordings in iTunes.

    Sylvia Clark on #150105

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    barbara-brundage on #150106

    >I don’t do money on the Internet

    You don’t need to. Go to the grocery store or wherever, and buy an itunes gift card and use that. When you go to redeem it itunes will try to cajole you into giving them a credit card number, too, but you can just skip that part.

    alexandra coursen on #150107
    I am not sure what you mean when you say it won't compete with La
    Boheme. The Pilgrim's Progress is a beauty, with snippets from
    many of Vaughan Williams better known works. To my way of thinking,
    he had a way with

    Sylvia Clark on #150108


    alexandra coursen on #150109
    Oh not to worry! Vauhan Williams' compositions encompass so much; hope you grow
    to love this work(true its not a Puccini opera, but nevertheless, an english sensibility
    Sylvia Clark on #150110

    I had continued this conversation off line with another person, so I’m kind of updating, just in case anyone else encounters this piece.

    Sylvia Clark on #150111

    The part arrived today from across the pond and through the ash clouds.

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