The King's Heart – Melrose Suite

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    avdhoeven on #217727

    This is Davy’s last piece on harp. It’s ‘The King’s Heart’ from the Melrose Suite written by Inge Frimout-Heij. I love how it sounds on his Merlin harp. The deep basses are really nice with this. He’s working hard on his technique. It’s far from perfect yet, but it’s definitely improving…

    Gretchen Cover on #217728

    Very musically played. I can see Davey is growing a lot. That may have a lot to do with technique right now. He would do well with a sport or yoga to help him coordinate his bones and muscles during this growth spurt. I would ask the teacher about raising his harp higher from the ground.

    evolene_t on #217743

    Very touching video, Avdhoeven 🙂

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