“The Fantasticks”

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    jordan-thomas on #146876

    I’m playing the show next week. I can tell you it’s the most fun you will ever have. It’s like a double concerto for harp and piano. I find Act 1 the toughest part, act 2 is much more laid back. Watch out for Metaphor. If you can’t get it, I had it worked out that I play the left hand part and the piano play the melody. It works out great. And also The plum is too Ripe is another tricky one. But other wise enjoy it!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #146877

    What is challenging also, is to play the harp with lots of color, to balance the loud piano playing. The notes overlap a lot, so getting the harp to really ring out fully is vital to success. Metaphor is playable, but what got me was the Moonlight cue, which was during a blackout, and you had to have your fingers placed before the blackout in order to begin.

    katie-lynch-koglin on #146878

    I LOVE playing this show, and get to do it a sixth time this Feb.

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