The Fantasticks

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    Gretchen Cover on #210632

    Our community theater plans to perform The Fantasticks in the Spring. I searched online and could not find a place to get the harp part. Does anyone know if it is available? Also, how much time did you need to learn the part? Any other advice appreciated. My thanks to David Ice who revamped some sections to make it more harp friendly and shared this via HC.

    Also, what do you charge per show and do you have a fee for rehearsals?

    frances-duffy on #210645

    The part is a rental, you need the theater company to get it for you. It is a lot to learn, so get the book as far in advance as you can. As far as money is concerned, it depends on where you live, but I ask at LEAST $150 per service, plus cartage.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #211390

    Ask a harpist who has played it for a look at their book. It is large. Some parts are very tricky to learn. There are two versions, the old and the new. You also need to know if you will be playing claves or not.

    Gretchen Cover on #211395

    What is the difference in the old and new versions? I would presume the revised or new version is the one used?

    brian-noel on #211429

    The new version is just easier to read, as it’s in Finale, whereas the old version is hand written. There are optional bass and drum parts, so you might want to find out of they are using those. It’s a fun part, but you play almost constantly and some of the tunes really fly. There are some nice recordings on You Tube:

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #211996

    The original was written by Beverly Mann, I found out, with some supervision by the composer.

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