Thank you Carl Swanson again…………

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    mr-s on #151902

    Congratulate me my friends, i got my second harp one week ago, i recieved it in the airport with the same happiness of the first harp, when i got a gig at a hotel in my city and it was about one year and half i had to move the harp and keep it in the hotel, i was writing Carl telling him that i feel the same feeling as with no harp, he said to me me you need a second one, and that was the idea, i could save the money for buying a second harp with trolley , Carl found me a very nice

    Jerusha Amado on #151903


    This is wonderful news!!

    catherine-rogers on #151904

    So very happy for you, Basal! Congratulations and tell us about your new harp!

    mr-s on #151905

    thank you Jerusha and Catherine for you kindness.

    mr-s on #151906

    Catherine its a Venus

    Christian Frederick on #151907


    mr-s on #151908

    thank you so much Christian.

    kay-lister on #151909

    Mr. S.

    Congrats to you!

    carl-swanson on #151910

    Thanks Kay and Basel. The compliments are very appreciated. I had hoped when Basel got the first harp-generously donated by a woman who had several harps and wasn’t using this one anymore- that it would be his vehicle into the professional career that he was fully trained for. That’s exactly what happened. And like any professional harpist, he really needed a second instrument. I became aware of another Venus going up for sale and the owner was willing to let it go at a price Basel could afford, so he bought it and had it shipped to Syria. So now he can function like the professional harpist he is.

    mr-s on #151911

    thank you Kay.

    Mel Sandberg on #151912

    Basel, from my side too, congratulations, and I am very happy for you, I am especially happy, because I think you have 2 Venus harps now, isn’t that so?

    unknown-user on #151913

    Hi there Basel – Congratulations on your new harp – how wonderful! I know we would all love to see pictures posted when you have time. In the meantime, we are all delighted for you – enjoy.

    mr-s on #151914

    my big thanks to you John and Mel ,for your kind words, hope you all a very happy and successful harp life.

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