Telenn or Hermine???

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    HBrock25 on #156413

    Hello! I’m a beginner – I play lever harp since September and I’m trying to choose a harp. At the moment I’ve stopped my attention at Camac 34 strings – Hermine and Telenn – there is only slight difference in prices, and since I’ve nowhere to try them I cannot choose .Can anybody advise me?

    elena-bittasi on #156414

    Dear Svetla, I hope that my answer will be in time to help you. Both Hermine and Telenn are study harps. But there is no comparison. Hermine is much better. Hermine has carbon strings, Telenn has gut strings, but when gut strings are too short – as in Telenn happens – they produce a very weak sound, and poor in harmonics. And gut strings are more fragile and expensive than carbon ones.
    I have a Hermine and I am quite satisfied. But remember: there are consistent differences among Hermine models. Some of them have not a beautiful sound, some are really nice. So play each model you can try and find out your harp.

    Good luck, and let me know!
    Elena, harper from Italy

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