teaching (lever harp) students with certain physical characteristics

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    Lgorman3@juno.com on #84632

    OK, folks, I am not sure if there has been a posting on this topic in the past.

    Tacye on #84633

    Can she hold the harp with her knees only?

    jessica-wolff on #84634

    A taller harp? I’m 5’0″ and well-endowed in the area you specify and have had no problems–but I’m playing a harp that’s 5’3″. Thanks, BTW. I have been thinking about the Merlin and now I see that it might not work so well for me.

    Karen Johns on #84635

    Well, I’m by no means under-endowed, and I have no problems with my harp position. I angle the harp to where it leans slightly more against my right knee, and does not touch my shoulder at all. I found out how to correctly position my harp from an excellent article by Laurie Riley in the Folk Harp Journal. You may want to check into this article- I found it in the Folk Harp Journal CD from Musicmaker’s. Hope this helps! :-)


    Dwyn . on #84636

    In all seriousness, unless her “endowment” is due to artificial implants, I think she just needs to go bra-shopping.

    Lgorman3@juno.com on #84637

    Well, I think it is the heigth of the harp combined with her proportions.

    Tacye on #84638

    You might find raising the harp rather than lowering the stool works better- this is particularly the case if the harp can have screw in legs because they often change the balance point of the harp.

    kay-lister on #84639

    Just a thought – how about placing the harp more on the right arm side of the body with the breast area on the left side of the harp.

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