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    Hi Saul,

    I got the same one. In fact I still get a lot of these and worse. I am glad you are bringing it to everyone’s attention.

    Harp teachers are an easy target for these people as we are usually gentle people. Spammers and scammers are one in the same. They hide behind their computers and unleash all kinds of treachery for the rest of us to deal with.

    Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing, things are not always as they appear.


    Here’s a new twist. It’s getting harder to spot the errors. Perhaps I should just quote a price of $5,000,000 for lessons.

    Hello Saul,


    This could be legit or spam. The website looks official, but has no-one listed under music at all, and requires no credentials, and encourages people to teach without any credentials, which is suspect, spurious, fishy, creepy, dangerous, etc.

    We represent and .
    We saw your site and interested in a link exchange.
    Our offer is a 3 way link: you link to and we link to
    you on (PageRank 5).

    Last thing is we would like our link to look like
    teach [title] address]
    teach [description]

    or you can use this code to do it quickly:

    just copy and paste into your links page

    <a href="“>teach –
    teach anything

    Have a great day and we look forward in doing business
    with you, in
    the very near future,

    Nick Johnson


    This just arrived this morning. I might take him up on the guilter training…

    This is Kelly Raymon…I’m written to male an inquiry about your tutorial lecture on musical concept and guilter training.I have two grown up children hoping to develop their talent in order to be one the notable musician in the society.So please let me know the cost for each person and their arrival date as well


    Their site is legit and it is SSL secured. Their site is
    fairly new maybe that is why all categories are not filled yet. Notice the Beta
    on the top left. :). If you ask me the site is innovated and fallowing
    the right path in the information boom/era.

    Denise Krasicki

    Saul and Julie, both of those are almost identical to some of the scams other harp teachers received in the past 2 years.


    I’m aware of that, but the site in general, does not encourage people to teach without credentials. Take a look for your self:

    Denise Krasicki

    There is nothing wrong with listing teachers with credentials.


    I’ve seen this suggested elsewhere regarding spam, but I think it applies here as well: when you receive email that is spam or some type of fraud, never respond to it.


    Here’s one that just came today. Be wary, as they are starting to catch the grammatical errors. The errors in this one are capitalization.
    Hello ,

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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