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    unknown-user on #167396

    Did I mention before that there is a small private beach on the lake
    at Tanglewood? It is down the road from the Hawthorn cottage.

    unknown-user on #167397

    Hooray for Steve!

    My friend Krysten Keches, who I found out is going to Tanglewood with me says that she thinks harpist get their own signle dorms. Yee-hah! (Not try to make fun of you James P…) ;-)

    Evangeline Williams on #167398

    I can’t recall exactly what Tanglewood is.

    unknown-user on #167400

    Saul, when you went to Tanglewood, what kind of place did the students store their harps in…? Was it just in the dorms, or in a different area? If it was in the dorms, then was there any temperature control available? I’m horrified that my instrument is going to take an awful beating over the course of the summer.

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