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    unknown-user on #167818

    Hi everyone,

    I was thinking of auditiong for Tanglewood (BUTI), a six week summer
    program for high-school-aged musicians. I know a little bit about
    it, like:

    Anne Hobson Pilot teaches there (so its GOT to be good for

    It last six weeks and….

    Not all harpists participate in the orchestra ;-(

    so i would just like to know if theres any harpists here who has
    experience with participating in BUTI. Perhaps we could exchange
    emails about it, since it DOES cost a hefty $5000, I’d like to at
    least know what Im getting myself into.


    -Steven Travaglione

    alexander-rider on #167819

    $5000?!? Is this a standard cost for something like this? :)I hope you do it Steven, it sounds wonderful.

    unknown-user on #167820

    I don’t know what it’s like these days, but I spent eight weeks, not six, at Tanglewood in the Harp Seminar in 1980. It was the high point of my life. To be in a world of nothing but classical music for such a long time was awesome. I learned to practice as much as five hours a day, and I never learned music better. There were no distractions. It can be hot and very humid, and the mosquitoes are numerous. Take lots of Skin-So-Soft, everything is very expensive on campus.
    I believe that Paula Page does the lesson teaching. If you don’t play in orchestra, so what? Learn a concerto, or chamber music, or work on a recital program. There will probably be the chance to play with the other students. The cost was under $2,000 when I went. So that’s about right with inflation, I suppose. I hope you can go, but there are other festivals too. Professor Ellen Ritscher teaches at one in the Rocky Mountains. There’s also Chautauqua in New York and Luzerne.

    cameron-huster on #167821

    I went 2 summers ago and LOVED it. You make great friends and when I was there, all the harpists had at least one chance to play in an orchestra, you just don’t play all the time. there’s alot of time to practice but I had a great time.

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