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    Am I the only one who does it? Like say goodbye to it when you leave, apologize to it when you accidentally knock it against something, tell it to shhh when you want it to stop reverberating. Or am I the only crazy one?


    I talk to my harp to tell it what kind of tone I want. Establishing command is part of directing the wood’s response to your playing. Seriously. Studies have shown that wood fibers realign themselves differently according to whom is playing, so by talking to my harp, I think I establish clearer intention, and it focuses my intention. As a result, my harp has changed, and become a stunning instrument.


    so my Korrigan will become a stunning instrument if I talk to it?


    I have caught myself murmuring an apology when I hit one of the Wurlitzer’s gilded feet with my toe as I reach for the pedals.


    I apologize if I knock a foot when I’m moving a harp around.

    Cheshire Cat

    Me too- I say hi, bye- sorry i dont have time to play with you today, etc! I dont have children yet, so she’s like my baby!! Sad aren’t we! lol.


    Yeah, I apologize when I knock it against something.


    I usually consider myself a logical, practical, thoroughly unsentimental sort, but I talk to my harp. Truth be told, I talk to many inanimate things … it’s the only way to keep them in line, and even then they don’t always behave.

    I’m gentler with my harp than with other objects though. I’ve never sworn at it as I have at other instruments when I’m frustrated with a passage that just won’t come right. And although I haven’t formally named it, I confess that on occasion when I pass by it or get up from playing, I turn to it and say, “You’re Glorious!”

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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