Takemitsu Toward the Sea III

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    Emily Granger on #188296

    It seems the only version of this I can purchase is version II for alto flute & guitar. I thought there was a version III for alto flute & harp… are they the same? http://www.schott-music.com/shop/1/show,91099.html

    Gretchen Cover on #188301

    According to wikipedia, there are three separate versions. Lyra Publishing has the harp/flute arrangement.

    MusikFind1 on #188306

    Toward the sea III : for alto flute and harp = Umie e III : aruto furūto hāpu no tame no
    by T⁻oru Takemitsu
    Musical score
    Publisher: Mainz ; New York : Schott ;
    Tokyo : Schott Japan, ©1989.

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