Take me out to the Ballgame–sheet music

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    gena-mcclure on #160523

    I remember seeing/hearing Harpo play this on an episode of the “I Love Lucy” show.

    patricia-jaeger on #160524

    Sheet Music Plus has a piano version for $3.50. http://www.sheetmusicplus.com

    Sid Humphreys on #160525

    Patricia, I don’t think this is the version in question. Harpo’s version was full of harmonics, glisses, you know., stuff that makes the harp unique!

    rod-c on #160526


    I, too, love

    sherry-lenox on #160527

    Hi Rod- Is there a list of arrangements and original pieces written by Bill Marx somewhere? I think the music I’ve heard of his has been underappreciated.

    catherine-rogers on #160528

    I could be wrong on this (often am) but I don’t think any of Harpo’s arrangements have been published with the exception of a piece he wrote titled “Guardian Angel.” Carrol McLaughlin has recorded some of Harpo’s arrangements in cooperation with Bill Marx; she may be the only person authorized to do so.
    You may be surprised to know that the company that rents the scripts and music to produce “Animal Crackers” (it was a stage show before it was a movie) will not rent the harp music for Harpo’s solo in the show. They will rent a recording of it so a harpist or someone pretending to play the harp can mime along to the music.
    If you want to play as Harpo did, your best bet may be to find a written arrangement of the piece and put your own embellishments into it. Improvisation can be a great learning experience.

    rod-c on #160529


    Sorry I am slow to respond. I’ve been away for a few days. Catherine is right, Carrol McClaughlin has copies of Harpo arrangements that Bill Marx transcribed for her.

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