Take Five – Solo folk harp – complete version

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    avdhoeven on #212369

    I just don’t know if this is the best subforum to post this, but I don’t really see a subforum where videos can be posted from played pieces…

    Davy has finished has video of Take Five for solo folk harp.

    This piece was quite a challenge to play on a folk harp without pedals, but I think he did quite well.

    It’s a real joy to see him playing this…

    Composer: Paul Desmond
    Arrangement: Ghislaine Voorrecht

    Gretchen Cover on #212377

    Amazing to see how quickly Davy’s fine motor skills and coordination have matured. And, he is getting so tall! Nicely played.

    avdhoeven on #212410

    Thanks! He is practicing a lot lately and really starts to like it more and more… So that’s great to see…

    balfour-knight on #212412

    Thanks so much for posting this! I agree with Gretchen! I have enjoyed playing “Take Five” on pedal harp for years, but never on lever harp–I will have to go try it. Best wishes to all of you!

    Jasmine GH on #222560

    Hey there, did you have a pedal harp arrangement and tweaked it for folk harp, or did you have a folk harp arrangement? I’d love to know where to find the sheet music of this arrangement. Thanks!

    avdhoeven on #222814

    Thanks! This arrangement was made by Ghislaine Voorrecht (ghislainevoorrecht@gmail.com). You could try to contact her. It’s written for lever harp.

    crescalona on #223181

    I can write for you any sheet music
    Request to crescalona@yahoo.com

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