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    Anna Lea on #158901

    Just wondering if anyone besides me has a problem

    Karen Johns on #158902

    Which books do you have? I have many of Sylvia’s books and sometimes it takes a while to smooth out the more advanced versions, especially those that have a lot of consecutive 3 and 4 finger chords. Some versions flow from your fingers, and some take a lot of work. Try working out the more difficult measures first, and feel free to change up the fingerings if they don’t feel comfortable.

    Hope this helps, and no, it’s not just you :-)


    deb-l on #158903

    I love her B versions but they take many hour before I get them right.

    Karen Johns on #158904

    I have that book too- I’m currently “ironing out” the B version of Danny Boy. Sometimes I’ll just learn the melody lines on some of the songs and add my own harmony using the chord notations. I appreciate the fact that Sylvia includes these in most of her books- you can personalize an arrangement easier this way.


    Anna Lea on #158905

    Thanks, Karen.

    Karen Johns on #158906

    Yup, I have these songs too, and I know exactly what you mean. Try a lighter touch on those rolled chords, loosen your wrists and let them flow. It’s easy to tense up and get choppy in these sections. If you have to, drop the four finger chords and play them with three fingers instead. There’s no shame in being comfortable with the song, and it’s bound to sound better if you are. Assess, adapt, and overcome! :-)

    Happy to help in any way, Anna. Helping in and of itself is thanks enough.


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