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    HBrock25 on #147094

    I’ve used Vanderbilt gut strings for many years now on my Venus harp and
    never had a problem. I recently ordered L&H Bow Brand since
    Vanderbilt has stopped making gut strings, but I’ve had trouble with
    string breakage. The two strings I’ve replaced with Bow Brand have
    snapped 3-4 times each immediately after I’ve put them in, breaking near
    the bridge pin each time. I’m completely mystified as to why this is
    happening. The only difference I can tell between the two brands is that
    the Bow Brand strings appear to be slightly more “slippery” than the
    Vanderbilt. I’m not sure if I just got bad strings, or if I should try
    another brand altogether. Any and all advice is appreciated – thanks in

    Misty Harrison on #147095

    I use Bow Brand all the time and like them very much.

    Elizabeth L on #147096

    L-H replaces them.

    catherine-rogers on #147097

    Any chance you might have gotten the wrong octave string? That would do it.

    Vanderbilt also carries Bow Brand; it’s just the Classic gut which they can no longer get.

    Katherine Denler on #147098

    I love new bow brands — I think of them as “buttery”.

    It does sound like you may have gotten bad strings – let them know and they’ll send you new ones.

    Other things to consider — sometimes the inside of the tuning pin can be rough, or if you don’t have it completely vertical as you lace the string it can damage the string. Also, be careful as you tie the string – maybe you accidentally crimped it?

    Good luck!

    tony-morosco on #147099

    Yeah, I use Bow Brand and have never had any problems with them. The only time I ever had a new string break right after putting it on

    michael-steadman on #147100

    bridge pin is the tuning pin? it might have sharp edges in the string hole – I have seen this before. you could ask them for replacements and also a sanding wire.

    barbara-brundage on #147101

    >bridge pin is the tuning pin?

    Hi, Michael. The bridge pin is the small pin on the action/lever side of the neck over which the string passes before it goes to the tuning pin. Good illustration here:


    (Not all harps have them, but all harps that can use any kind of bow brand string will have them.)

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #147102

    I want to point out that, though I had some bad strings before, I am quite happy with the quality of Bow Brand burgundy strings that I have recently used.

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