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    Clare McDonogh on #166470


    I was wondering if there were any harpists on this forum who suffer from sweating fingers/hands especially when they are performing or are stressed and nervous. I find I get sweaty/tacky fingers whenever I am anxious about my playing and it really interferes with my sound and technique. Also, since my fingers are soft and moister I find the edge of my nail digs into the skin and causes pain (especially in the RH thumb).

    Has anyone else suffered from this problem and found a solution. I have tried using Driclor (a roll-on to stop extreme perspiration) but found that this did not stop the tacky/sweaty feeling.

    Look forward to hearing anyone’s ideas.


    Clare McDonogh

    sherry-lenox on #166471

    I went to a workshop with a well known harpist a couple weeks ago, and she recommended the little bags that bowlers use to keep their hands dry. I think you could get them at any bowling alley.

    Although I don’t have sweaty hands, I thought it was a great idea.

    Hope it helps!

    Philippa mcauliffe on #166472

    I am only the mother of a harpist now but when I was playing a lot (piano and cello) in my youth I used to get this problem particularly for a big performance.

    Olivia Bragg on #166473

    I have had the same problem. To fix the problem I use Johnson’s Baby Powder. This allows me not to slip on the strings and play more efficiently.

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