Supplemental teaching methods?

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    shelby-m on #83810

    I’m close to getting a harp and joining the harp scene, but my prospective teacher is over an hour and a half away from me… the price of lessons + gas will probably force me to have lessons only once (or twice, max) a month.

    alice-freeman on #83811

    I’d recommend Pamela Bruner’s “Play the Harp Beautifully” because you can buy both books and DVD’s to refer to when you have questions about hand position and other things.

    — Alice in windy Wyoming

    patricia-jaeger on #83812

    Shelby, I’ve used Beginning Harp Books I and 2, with DVDs, for either lever or pedal harp students. These were published by Salvi and written by the late Phyllis Schlomovitz, whose

    unknown-user on #83813

    Dear Shelby,

    You may like to have a chat to your prospective teacher before you embark on purchasing any books. Simply so you do not waste your money. All teachers have preferences with regard to study material depending on their technique and approach to playing. We all have our likes and dislikes too!

    Additionally, if your teacher is aware that you are only having lessons fortnightly (or monthly) she will cater your lesson program for this fact. She will give you enough material to keep you busy for that period of time. So, it may not be necessary to purchase self teaching books.

    So, I would suggest that

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